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Brendon McCarthy asked on August 21, 2014 23:13

There are several methods of storing documents in Kentico, I've read about all of them. I'm looking for advice on which method best fits specific requirements. Of importance is that we are running on Azure (no file system access).

The documents being stored are usually PDFs, ranging in size from 200k-5mb, up to 1000 total files across 3 sites. Ideally, all the files would be stored in a global repository for use in any site. For storing these types of documents, the two best methods to be using the "Content tree" or "Media library".

My understanding is "Content tree" stores files in the database, so over time as more and more files are added, the database may grow in size significantly. Is this correct? You can then access the files using a Document Library webpart. However, I have not found the option in this webpart to allow for custom transformations (in order to change the display format). Is this correct?

"Media library" files are stored in Azure Storage. From a storage and performance perspective, storing documents in a media library seems to make the most sense. I have not found a webpart that gets non-image files from a media library, but I imagine a repeater with a custom transformation would do the trick (and could also be used for the Content Tree method)?. We would also like to use the Azure CDN in the future.

Of most importance is the ability to format the display of the document metadata (title, description, file type) in any number of ways. Second is performance of high-demand downloads of the files.

Considering all the above, what method would the community recommend and are the ideas above an accurate interpretation of the docs? Would that recommendation change if the files were 100mb+?


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Brendon McCarthy answered on August 22, 2014 01:56

Researching more, I discovered that all attachments/files can be stored in Azure Storage. See (yellow box).

With that in mind, I believe the best solution is to use the "Content tree" method and actually create a new document type for my specific use case. This will allow for additional post and metadata to be associated with a document.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 22, 2014 14:09

You can save files in the file system or the database or in your case Azure storage simply by checking or unchecking a box in System Settings. It doesn't matter if the file is stored in the content tree or Media Library, it will be forced to the file system with a reference on that doc type or media library item.

Regarding a webpart to display media library items, I don't believe any of the already available webparts restrict what type of file is returned or displayed. In fact, there are even some datasource webparts for the media library and they aren't limiting although you can specify a where clause if you so choose.

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