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Vic Carter asked on November 18, 2014 20:21

I noticed that my document alias seems to be tied to the culture I am working in as opposed to a particular document. When I change the text of the document alias in one culture it also updates that text in the other. All of my sites documents seem to be using the default cultures alias names when generating the URLs. Is there a way to keep the URL localized based on the selected culture?

I have looked in the settings but did not find what I was searching for.

Thank you.

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Martin Danko answered on November 24, 2014 15:50

Hello Vic,

You can achieve the request behavior by setting the Custom URL path for the page/document.

Please take a look at the Documentation: Setting page aliases

You will need to check: Use custom URL path setting and then set the path according to your needs.

Best regards, Martin

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