Do I need to go to the webpage between upgrades, and can this be bypassed?

Jason Bertram asked on January 5, 2018 21:38

I have read that I need to go to the site with a browser between each upgrade. What I would like to do is upgrade, potentially, from v7(or greater) to v11. What actually happens when you go to the webpage right after an upgrade? Can this be skipped somehow until the end?



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Brenden Kehren answered on January 5, 2018 21:51

The documentation for the upgrade process specifically states:

Running the website - First request

Open the upgraded website in a browser. When handling the first request, the system performs certain tasks required to finalize the upgrade. This includes the import of new objects. Processing of the first request may take longer than usual.

Important: The first request must be performed using the upgraded project files. The process will not be successful if you only upgrade the database and connect it to a new Kentico project.

The short answer is YES you need to run the site after each major AND minor upgrade. See below:

Upgrade v7 -> v8.0, run site
Upgrade v8.0 -> v8.1, run site
Upgrade v8.1 -> v8.2, run site
Upgrade v8.2 -> v9.0, run site
Upgrade v9.0 -> v10.0, run site
Upgrade v10.0 -> v11.0, run site

With an upgrade from v7 to v11, you're going to be performing 6 upgrades. In my 10 years experience with Kentico, you're better off starting with a new install of Kentico 11 and migrating your custom code and content to that instance. The upgrade will be too painful and cost you more time and money in the long run.

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Prashant Verma answered on January 6, 2018 03:35 (last edited on January 6, 2018 03:37)

Hi Jason,

There is no shortcut for bypass the step's it's should be performed in incremental manner.

Recommended: In your site if no custom development made then you can go with an upgrade process else better to start with new installation as suggested by Brenden.

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