Displaying Pages/Documents in a Category List

Kevin Kim-Murphy asked on April 7, 2015 19:02

I am looking for a solution to expand the use of the Category List web part - I am very happy with the way the Category List web part can display a list of categories - but I would like for the list to also display a list of pages associated with a given category.

For example - I have setup Regions as a Category - and under that I have setup sub-categories: East, West, North, South. They display nicely in the Category List web part - and I can link to a list of pages associated with the specific region. But in the list itself it would be great if I could expand it one level further to show the pages associated to that selected region.

Something like this:

  - East
  - West
  - North
        - Event 1
        - Event 2
  - South

Any ideas on how to configure the Category List web part to do this would be greatly appreciated.


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Martin Danko answered on May 1, 2015 16:27

Hello Kevin,

Regrettably this web part was not designed to display Pages only categories.

It should be possible to achieve your goal using the Repeater web part, or you can develop a completely custom web part to achieve your goal.

Regards, Martin

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