displaying more than one selection for a multiple choice attribute

Kristopher Maier asked on March 14, 2014 14:01

I have a transformation within a web part that pulls out an excerpt and an image from another page where they then can go to the specific page.

Webinars page > displays and sorts webinars with pages excerpt image below a category User can click on link title or image to go to that webinars page

The issue I am having is that if a webinar can be associated to more than one category.

I currently have it setup like the below: Document Type > New attribute named “category” setup with Multiple Choice Field Type selected – shows the categories with radio buttons under the “form” tab in the CMS Desk.

Under Content Filter in the Repeater web part I can pull the page by specifying the “WHERE condition” like so “category = 'coronaTreatment'”. This works if only one raidio button is selected, but if I select more than one category it does not display anything on the home webinars page.

can some help me find why it seems to choke when more then one radio buttons are selected?

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 15, 2014 11:27

Here is a solution using some javascript.

Here is some more discussion.

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