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Ben Knight asked on July 14, 2017 11:48

I am currently attempting to display the price change done by a product option as a new line item for clarity to whoever is going through the checkout process.


  1. Someone adds "Product A" to the Basket.
  2. They navigate to the basket
  3. Under "Product A" they click "Edit and personalize" where a setup Product Option of Personalize Item allows them to add text to the product
  4. After selecting this and updating the basket the price is change to reflect the addition of the Product option, however it is not clear that this is the cause.

This break in clarity is something I would like to resolve,and was wondering if there was an option in Kentico that allows the displaying of product options as a line item to see the break down of the cost easier.


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Trevor Fayas answered on July 17, 2017 19:52

The Shopping Cart Content WebPart has a Hierarchy transformation, with the first level "Item transformation" being the product, the second level are any options attached to that product.

The Personlized Text should be a separate product option, so should be transformable in the 2nd level of that hierarchy transformation, and where you can add a note saying "by the way, this text is costing you a little more"

You can work with the main item transformation as well to maybe not show the total price (Unit price + Options) and instead just show the Unit Price so they can see the options separately.

If you don't have the transformation i mention, it's EcommerceSite.Transformations.CheckoutShoppingCart and can be found by adding a new Site and using the Web Template "Ecommerce Site", then the EcommerceSite page type with it's transformations will be imported.

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