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Francis Poirier asked on April 21, 2017 15:21


How can I have a form that when it is submitted, the result is presented beneath the form and the form stay filled with the entered values ?

Thanks !

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Trevor Fayas answered on April 21, 2017 23:23

What do you have as the Action after form is submitted?

If you go to Forms -> (Edit your Form) -> General, there is a section that defines what happens when a person submits. Default is it just shows the form so you can further edit, which is what it sounds like is happening for you. You probably just need to change this.

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Roman Hutnyk answered on April 23, 2017 10:35

I'd place another online form web part on the page and use some alternative layout for it. In the alternative layout you could specify which form control you'd like to use to present particular field. In your case you need labels for the second form. Visibility condition for the second form could be presence of ItemId query string parameter, which will be added to a query string after saving record by first form.

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