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Tonka Penkova asked on April 7, 2015 16:28

Hi, I need to display the number of comments that an article has. Does anyone has an idea how this can happen? Thank you!

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Katrina Miday answered on April 7, 2015 18:12

Do you mean the number of comments on a blog post, or the number of comments in a message board attached to an article page?

If it's for the number of messages on a message board, I'm currently using the following to display the number of comments within a preview transformation for news items. It should probably also work for articles, given you customize the code for your environment and database.

This is included in the selected columns:

(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM intranet.dbo.Board_Message WHERE Board_Message.MessageBoardID IN (SELECT BoardID FROM intranet.dbo.Board_Board WHERE BoardDocumentID = DocumentID)) AS CommentCount

and this is in the transformation to display the number:

<a href='<%# GetDocumentUrl() + "#comments" %>'><%# Eval("CommentCount") %> Comments</a>

If you're asking for comments on a blog post:

<a href="<%# GetDocumentUrl() %>#comments"><%# BlogFunctions.GetBlogCommentsCount(Eval("DocumentID"), Eval("NodeAliasPath")) %> comments</a>
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Tonka Penkova answered on April 8, 2015 15:35

Thank you, Katrina !

With few changes it worked :)

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