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Shawn Ebeyer asked on November 27, 2015 16:49

Hi Everybody,

Fairly dumb question - but I fear I may be missing something that will come back to bite me down the road.

I'm creating my Master page, and after adding my HTML/CSS, the web part zones that I have included seem to be overlapping in design view. I've validated my markup but can't help to think I'm overlooking something.

Pulling my hair out - and hoping for some guidance.

Thanks in advance,


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Laura Frese answered on November 27, 2015 18:57

When you are in edit mode or design mode kentico puts classes in the body that you can use to modify the style so that the zones or Web parts don't overlap.

.DesignMode .yourclass

.EditMode .yourclass

You could also try putting the divs with the classes that are causing the issue into the html envelope area of the Web parts.

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Shawn Ebeyer answered on November 30, 2015 15:48

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your response! I will certainly try this. Overall, when viewing my pages, everything looks fine - only when in design mode do the web part zones overlap.



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