Deployment / Object Synchronization problem

Yehuda Lando asked on September 10, 2014 22:16


I used Object Synchronization for a while so I can edit my less files in visual studio. Today I made some changes to the less file and tried synchronizing it back to the server, but it seems it doesn't work.

I did clear my cache, but I still get the old css. I also noticed the process of synchronizing is happening very fast, like in the case the files where not changed.

Did anyone else notice it? Also, is there a way to force synchronization?

Thanks, Yehuda

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Martin Danko answered on December 6, 2014 14:11

Hello Yehuda,

I'm not sure what exactly do you mean by synchronizing less files, where are they stored but Kentico doesn't support synchronization of physical files, so I would kindly ask you to describe your scenario with all the related details about your CSS and LESS files. Where are they stored and how are they used in Kentico.

Best regards, Martin

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