Dancing Goat has Errors when building, widget with upload field

Erick Valdivieso asked on March 26, 2019 17:24

Hi, First of all I am building a fresh site in Kentico 12 MVC and I am referring the Dancing Goat on a few things. I already was able to successfully create a couple of basic Widgets. Now I need a Widget that supports an image upload. Just like how the Dancing Goat Card Widget has it.

After I copy over all the pieces and made the necessary changes, I had a couple of errors when building my solution, all this errors were pointing to the ImageUploaderController.cs, which is the same file in Dancing Goat.

After troubleshooting I notice that the Dancing Goat is also displaying the same errors when building (Screenshot reference).

the solution, the difference is that for some strange reason the bin files still get generated on the Dancing Goat, but on my new site the bin files don't get generated, because of the errors on build.

  1. Is there a setting that is ignoring this build errors to be able to continue generating the bin files?
  2. Why does the DancingGoat site contains build errors in the first place?

Not sure if it matters, but I am using Visual Studio 2015.

I appreciate any help, thanks.

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