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Sean Zarb Ferrante asked on July 31, 2018 14:59

In my project I have Created a new Page type for news, which I eventually need to send an email to users only with the new items depends on the "Frequency".

I have created a new field in the users (Custom field) for "frequency". I also have created a news feed.

My question is how can I populate the contact group depending on the frequency in the custom user setting field.

or maybe you have any other better solution?

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Suneel Jhangiani answered on July 31, 2018 17:45

I haven't played with the built-in Newsletters module much, so not sure how it works in terms of being able to set a frequency at which to send. I would imagine that you would create several newsletter feeds based on the Frequency - ie. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Newsletters (3 separate newsletters). You could then clone the Newsletter subscription part and modify it to sign the user up to a newsletter based on their frequency.

Alternatively you could use a Scheduled Task to add/remove users from the Newsletter based on their frequency - just need to be careful of those who have opted-out.

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