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Wilfrido Reyes asked on July 5, 2016 15:31

we will be implementing an ecommerce part to our website where our clients could order parts.

our clients should be able to order parts, check order status, order history, and current invoices.

my question is regarding user role management. is it possible (and if so how could we implement) to:

1) we need to create an "admin" account for each company (company A, company B, company C, etc.) - by "admin" i mean still a customer (no actual access to editing the site content)

2) each "admin" should be able to add users to their account who can view company order status, order history, order parts for company, etc.

Does that make sense? Is this possible through kentico?


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Trevor Fayas answered on July 5, 2016 17:02

Definitely Possible, but will require a couple steps.

  1. I would set the Ecommerce settings to require User be logged in or create an account to order (Disable anonymous orders), see This Document
  2. Create a role to assign to the "admin" users
  3. Create and maintain a table that will store the "UserID to Company" (Can be done through a Custom User Setting, Custom Table, or Module Class)
  4. Create a table that will store the "AdminUserID to AssignedUserID" (Can be done through a Custom Table, or Module Class)
  5. Create page for Admin users to add users (possibly through the Custom Table/Module's Alternate Form, or a custom Web Part)
  6. Use that relationship to do your other operations.

Basically just got to create the places to store the data, then utilize it!

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