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harshal bundelkhandi asked on January 24, 2017 13:46

Hello Support,

Am creating blogs under the blog month page type. It is adding Blog month in the auto aliased url. As we don't want blog-month in the url, can you please let us know if there is any Alias setting or configuration to skip the blog month in the url.

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 24, 2017 14:03

Unfortunately, this is out of the box functionality. You can do a few things to eliminate this blog month:

  1. Create a custom event handler to automate the removal of the blog month page whenever a blog post is added to remove the blog month and move the page up directly under the blog page. Involves a lot of coding but it can be done.
  2. Manually make the changes within Kentico after you add a blog post. This process would involve you creating and saving the blog post, then manually moving it up a node under the blog page, then deleting the blog month. It is a process anyone can do and doesn't involve a lot of additional effort, just remembering to do it.
  3. Create a custom URL. You can do this on the actual blog post under Properties>URLs>Page URL Path. Check the "Use custom URL path" and in the "Path or pattern" box, enter the desired path you want i.e.: /blog/blog-post-name vs. /blog/january-2017/blog-post-name

There are probably other ways to do this within IIS as well but these ways will work within Kentico fairly easy.

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