Custom Search fields for smart search on Custom table?

ryan smith asked on February 18, 2014 09:29


I would like to make a comprehensive filter list or multiple search parameters that all feed into One Stored procedure is there any way to do this ? I am searching on a custom table which will need user input to filter locations, dates(To-From), Organistations Etc

Is there a way to do this in smart search or will i have to create a custom webpart ? Is there a way to create these filters and to input them all at once to one stored procedure together ? Or is the best method to create my own bespoke search webpart ?

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Roman Koníček answered on March 13, 2014 04:21


Could you please be more specific about how you would like to use a stored procedure? Also could you describe your scenario in more detail?

Since from this description I guess you could simply insert more smart search filters on one page (dropdown list, radio buttons, etc.) and bind them to one smart search dialog with results web part. Then you would achieve filter with multiple parameters. Did you try this?

Best regards, Roman Konicek

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