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Yasmin Saad asked on November 26, 2017 16:36

Hey guys , I have a registration page I must create and I'm really confused. I've searched through the documentation and find that I could use custom registration webpart or I could create it as a user control .My registration form contain two drop down list which are both connected to tables in a separate database all other fields I can implement with kentico form builder controls .Can anybody guide me through this please . Thank you

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Vukasin Andjelic answered on November 27, 2017 10:25

Hi Yasmin Saad,

First add 2 fields in Membership module -> User - Settings class. This 2 field will be for this 2 dropdowns. Then you can create user control which will be your custom registration web part, where you will register user. U can create user with Create user . And third and the most difficult is to attach on separate database to populate this 2 dropdowns. You need to map fields form user control on user object and to register user.

Second solution is to create 2 custom forms controls where you will create dropdown with values from separate database. Then to add 2 new fields in Membership module -> User - Settings class, which will be this custom form controls, and then to use kentico out of the box registration web part.

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