Creating separate website sections for mobile devices - Any tutorial for starting it from scratch in

jim lobo asked on July 24, 2014 11:49

i am new Kentico 8 an di want to design website for mobile devices and Tabs inside site. I refereed and also sample Corporate Site. i cant understand how to start this i know it is basic but i am new too this. How to create the master page from scratch for Mobile device ?
i know we have to add MOBILE REDIRECTION WEB PART in home page which will redirect to mobile pages Steps to create master page for mobile:
Site -> Pages-> Right Click New -> Page Menu Item form there i know page Name but which one i have to select from . Use existing page template . Use Parent page Template . CReate blank page layout .Create Blank page
which one to select and how to proceed with it ?

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Joshua Adams answered on July 24, 2014 14:58

Is there a particular reason that you want the mobile site separate? You could make the site responsive, and then the entire site would be accessible on any device...just a thought. But, if you choose to do the mobile, like Brenden said, the existing templates in the Kentico sites will show you most everything you need to know.

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 24, 2014 13:27

Easiest thing to do is create a new page and use an existing template. Choose Blank Master page/template and save. Then go to the Properties>Template and save that template as a new one (name it as you choose). Now you're ready to start using that page as a master page. By default if you chose the Blank Master page it won't inherit the parent and you can or should set a stylesheet to associate with it in the Properties>General tab. The key to making it a "master" template is in the template properties, there is a checkbox for Master Page. When checked it acts as a master page vs. standard.

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jim lobo answered on July 24, 2014 16:45 (last edited on July 24, 2014 16:45)

Thanks BRenden & Joshua. Yes it is better to go for Responsive site.

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 24, 2014 17:26

Responsive is great but there is a time and a place for mobile as well. I think you need to do an evaluation prior to deciding one way or the other.

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Yehuda Lando answered on July 24, 2014 19:29

You can also use device profiles. That way you don't have separate sections (and then also you have the same URLs for all content). It's a bit more time consuming to set up, but it's pretty flexible.

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