Crawl pdf attachememt in smart search index stored in azure media storage.

Nikhila Reddy Pocha asked on December 13, 2019 16:54

Hi all,

I m using kentico 12 smart search with local index type pages, content level for pages its working fine but when its come to attachment or pdf documents it fails to search or create index items, might be because we are using azure storage for media and attachments. It stored and linked with azure storage. I want to crawl that pdf or attachment in smart search index and get the results while searching is there any possible way to achive this search functionality. Looking forward for your suggestion.



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Peter Mogilnitski answered on December 13, 2019 21:12

how us your files attached to the documents? The attachment search only works for files that are connected to pages through one of the following methods:

  • Attachment files added to pages through fields with the Data type set to File or Attachments in the page type definition
  • Attachments uploaded in the Pages application on the Properties -> Attachments tab of pages

See the doc

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