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Rod Carter asked on September 22, 2022 13:58

I have a request from my business unit to control access to various areas of my MVC site (Version 11.0.26). We are aware of standard user login tracking within the .Net framework but are wondering if this can possibly be controlled from within the built in Kentico security model. Everything we are reading seems to point to the security being there to control access to the administration area of Kentico and not the associated content web site.

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 22, 2022 18:59

The Form Authentication within the Kentico Admin and the Public facing website is essentially the same in a standard, non-MVC site in v11. You can use the built-in tools in addition to the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity and Microsoft.Owin libraries along with the users within Kentico to restrict access to areas all over the Kentico UI and the public site. How you perform those checks will most likely need to be done in your MVC controllers.

Check out the MVC DancingGoat project in version 11 on GitHub, it may help you see where the link between the two will come into play.

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