Continuous integration - Resouce strings and Settings

Danny Winbourne asked on January 7, 2022 11:02

I am currently setting up Continuous integration on a project I am working on. I only want certain things to sync, and want to avoid overriding content on a different implementation of the project.

I have added cms.resourcestring to the IncludedObjectTypes section of the config, but also added cms.resourcetranslation to the ExcludedObjectTypes section.

Is this necessary? i.e. when running a CI sync, would the system override existing resource string values with whatever is in the XML files if I had included cms.resourcetranslation. I want to avoid situations where a value might have been updated in an existing resource string, and don't want that to be overridden when syncing.

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 7, 2022 16:14

If you have multiple developers working on the project, any updates made to the resource strings and committed to code will overwrite what is in the database when you run the CI Restore after pulling changes in from the pull requests.

If you're concerned about code overwriting what a content editor is updating, then you'll need to either change your process to do all your changes in one area until the main part of your dev work is done so you don't run into issues like you're explaining.

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Danny Winbourne answered on January 7, 2022 16:17

Thanks Brenden. That is what I thought, and indeed we need to look into our process to ensure it works as we need.

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