Content Staging + Windows Authentication problem

Yang Wen asked on June 29, 2015 21:09

Our Kentico intranet site is protected via Windows Authentication. Users' Windows credentials provide them access to the site via Integrated Windows Authentication feature in IE and Chrome.

We are looking to enable the Content Staging feature. However we are facing a 401 unauthorized error when using the "Check Server Availability" button to check the accessibility of /CMSPages/Staging/SyncServer.asmx on the target server.

In Fiddler the root cause was more apparent - The GET request from source Kentico to target instance's SynServer.asmx does not contain any header values that provide authentication information on the requester. Lacking this info, IIS responds with a 401.

What is the recommended security pattern for using Content Staging with a protected Kentico site? Do we need to make the SyncServer.asmx URL publicly accessible, and just rely on the authentication done by the SynchServer.asmx service?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on July 21, 2015 12:57


What is the user account you are using for the staging authentication? Have you tried usiing e.g. the admin as user name and pass for password?

In the settings there does not have to be a real account - just the setting on source and target need to match.

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