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Sambathkumar Myilsamy asked on April 5, 2017 15:32

Hi Team,

My home page contains many sections, each section contains title, summary, image and link button for link to other page. Each section contains different UI style. Then I have decided to use content only page type for just storing each section content without template. After that in home page template, we can use web part with custom transformation to render page.


1.Is it correct approach?, can we use content only page types for storing the page's content and render them using web part?.

2.Instead of content page types, can we use editable text and editable image web part?. Which one would be a better approach and best practice?


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Trevor Fayas answered on April 5, 2017 15:53

Here's my general philosophy on the matter

  1. If the object (page type) will never be a page, you will NEVER go to it, then use a content only. Good example is a Banner object, you will never navigate to the banner itself, it's only for display on the home page.
  2. IF the object (page type) even has a remote possibility that you may want to go to it as a page, then keep it a normal page type. You can always use a normal page type as content only and just never go to it or use the Page tab, but you cannot go from a Content only to a page.

But in general, you have the right idea. Usually i create sub-folders under the home page to store Home-page Specific content objects, such as banners.

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