Configuring Contact Recognition in Kentico 9

Elizabeth McKinnon asked on August 10, 2017 22:30

Our organization is looking to utilize the marketing automation and contact management tools in Kentico. Recently, I ran a test by creating a contact group for people who have submitted a particular form. However, we noticed that because visitors are consolidated by IP Address and recognized as the same user, we are not able to fully utilize this tool.

It looks like Kentico 9 recognized this issue when reading this documentation, yet ours isn't working because we believe we must have configured it incorrectly.:

Is it safe to say that if we turn off "Log IP addresses and user agents" it will not longer consolidate visitors by IP Address? And if we do this, does the system no longer log the IP address for the visitor anywhere, losing the ability to geo-locate, etc.?

Thanks for any feedback and help!

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Daniel Merta answered on August 11, 2017 10:43

Hi Elizabeth,

Yes, it´s safe - we recommend to turn off the Log IP addresses and user agents setting unless you really want to merge contacts according to their IP addresses. This setting was even removed in version 10. Contacts are recognized according to their cookies.

As for the geolocation, you just need to enable it according to our doc:

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