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J Anderson asked on May 8, 2018 18:36

I am using Kentico 11 with a satellite MVC website. We are trying to test out the localization features, so I set up one of our sites to use the German culture. I was able to create a page with the new culture. However, a feature that is missing is being able to see two cultures side by side to edit.

All the pages are content-only, and I saw this article that shows the portal type page. Is that the issue? Or should I be able to use "Compare" with content only pages?




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Rui Wang answered on May 8, 2018 23:14 (last edited on May 8, 2018 23:17)

I created a content only page type page (under a regular form based site) and is able to see the compare for content only page type.

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Are you not seeing it using Preview? If so, that's because there is no "page" to view in the admin UI by default, but you can add URL pattern to display the preview for MVC.

The preview of the selected page is not available. Verify that the given page type has a valid 'URL pattern' specified in the Page types application.

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