Collect credit cards numbers in Kentico Ecommerce without Authorize.Net

Dcode warner asked on April 24, 2017 18:24

We don't want to use payment getways like 'Paypal' or 'Authorize.NET' Is there a way or option I can select so I can just collect the credit card numbers and process them in house?

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 24, 2017 18:50

Easiest way is to create your own custom payment gateway. I say "gateway" loosely.

So the documentation shows how to process the payment using an external gateway. In your case, you'd just use the public override void ProcessPayment() method to store your data to a database for further internal processing (even though it will violate PCI compliance).

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Dcode warner answered on April 25, 2017 18:23

We're going to make them use the gateway, since violating PCI isn't an option.

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