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David Pearson asked on June 5, 2015 16:33

Hi all, I am looking at the Code Minification in the documentation. I see were the Javascript web part uses GetResource.ashx to retrieve my custom javascript file. Since it using GetResource.ashx the javascript is minified for me. (with minification enabled).

Is this a correct reading of the documentation?

Correct Answer

Rui Wang answered on June 5, 2015 16:50

David, that's correct. CMS can minify the JS and CSS files, when they are retrieved by GetResource.ashx.

The formats for CSS managed in CMS vs. on file system look like these: /CMSPages/GetResource.ashx?stylesheetname=CorporateSite /CMSPages/GetResource.ashx?stylesheetfile=/CorporateSite/Skin.css

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