CMS_Tree Import Process fails when importing data exported from Azure SQL Database to local SQL Serv

takahito iwasa asked on November 9, 2020 01:59


I'm trying to upgrade from Kentico 11 to Kentico 12. We run the site on Azure App Service + SQL Database. I imported the Azure SQL Database data into my local SQL Server by following the steps below.

However, the import of CMS_Tree failed. Only the following error messages are output.

"Data plan execution failed with message One or more errors occurred. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Dac)"

The only object with the error is CMS_Tree and the others seem to be successful. Is there anything you can think of?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on November 9, 2020 06:57

I would try just copying the DB on Azure SQL and use this one for upgrading. Sometimes the Azure SQL DB cannot be restored on local SQL server for some reason (not only Kentico DBs).

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