Checkout process - navigation between steps

Evine Beursken asked on January 23, 2017 11:05

I set up a standard checkout process, but the navigation between check out steps does not seem to work.

Basically what I have:

  1. Standard checkout process with the Page wizard settings:

    • final step url: ~/en-us/special-pages/payment-form
    • Restrict step order:yes
  2. Added two checkout steps (standard Kentico)

    • These have a previous and next button
    • I added a static HTML text including the stepnumber

When I try to navigate to the next page nothing happens. It reloads the url and that's it.

Any idea what is the problem ?

Correct Answer

Trevor Fayas answered on January 23, 2017 15:21

Are your controls within it allowing the postback? The page wizard is often used in Checkout so it requires each step to be 'valid' before continuing. There may be a one of the ecommerce web parts that's blocking the next step action because it's not valid yet.

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