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giang le asked on April 16, 2014 04:40

Dear all! I have a question : When I import update a package(select "Preselect objects changed after specific date" when export), How to export changes template of root page. Ex: Site A in server, Site B in local. Site A : root page have template is Tem1 Site B : root page change template to Tem2 I export package from Site B then import to site A, but root page in site A not change template from Tem1->Tem2

Please help me! Thankk

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Filip Ligač answered on April 20, 2014 14:45

Dear Giang,

Do both sites use a template with the same codename? Page template on site A can be updated only in this case.

Also, do you select "Preselect all items" option during import instead of "Preselect only new items"? Have you made sure the template is actually marked to be imported?

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giang le answered on April 20, 2014 21:20

Thank you for your reply! I select "Preselect all items" for import and i checked the template of root page to be imported! But maybe i will have to export a full package and import to new site.

Thank you! Giang

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