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kyle shapiro asked on April 9, 2015 16:37

Is there a way to change the page URL without deleting it and recreating it? Looks like in version 7, there was a simple field, but I'm not seeing it in v8. How about changing my urls from MyDomain/Kentico82/home to MyDomain/home?

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Rui Wang answered on April 9, 2015 21:45

Kyle If you are talking about change the URL from to, then you can can go to the page > properties > URLs, and put /pagename in the Path or Patten field and save.

But in you example "from MyDomain/Kentico82/home to MyDomain/home", it looks like you setup Kentico as an application under your domain name, then you can change that in IIS so it doesn't have /Kentico82 as an application path in the URL.

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kyle shapiro answered on April 9, 2015 22:40 (last edited on April 9, 2015 22:54)

Hi Rui. What I intended with the first question was chaning to I finally got it to work using the page aliases. I was confused and thought it was not working as intended. I'll poke around in the IIS for the other part. thanks.

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