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merav tg asked on April 14, 2016 17:59


I have a web part of category list, the category is displayed and I want to sort the category list web part by the order in the category tree. in products i use NodeOrder, here this does not work. CategoryOrder does not work for me.

i did see it sort it when i fill in : CategoryName (DESC/ASC) This was to understand if the CategoryOrder is a correct value. I don't know what value to fill in.

Thank you

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Roman Hutnyk answered on April 14, 2016 19:33

If you're showing categories of the single parent and on the same level - CategoryOrder should be enough

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Chetan Sharma answered on April 14, 2016 21:06

Can you please share screen shot of your tree structure?

Are your categories coming from content tree or Kentico categories?

However, Roman's answer will solve your problem if that's the case.

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merav tg answered on April 17, 2016 09:49 (last edited on April 17, 2016 09:51)

I created a new category family and i made the category root to start from that. So it points to" Shop for" and I see all the categories but when i set CategoryOrder (I tried adding also ASC and DESC and only CategoryOrder) all the products disappear from the screen

Shop for




------New mom

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