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Artemy Sokolov asked on March 12, 2014 10:22


Is it possible to call productoptions in place what i need without cartitemselector? For example i need these options on the 'head' of my transformation and addtocart button with price on the 'bottom' of transformation. Only way i found is dublicate cartitemselector and hide unneeded options, but i found that i can't use twice this cartitemselector function. Here is my sample of cartitemselector. <uc1:CartItemSelector id="cartItemSelector" runat="server" SKUID='<%# ValidationHelper.GetInteger(Eval("SKUID"), 0) %> ' SKUEnabled=' <%# ValidationHelper.GetBoolean(Eval("SKUEnabled"), false) %> ' AddToCartLinkText= <%#CMS.CMSHelper.CMSContext.CurrentResolver.ResolveMacros("{$Site.btnBuy$}")%> ShowProductOptions="true" ShowDonationProperties="false" ShowUnitsTextBox="true" ShowPriceIncludingTax="true" ShowTotalPrice="true" />

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Josef Dvorak answered on March 21, 2014 08:14

Hello Artemy,

You should be able to use any number of CartItemSelector controls in a transformation, as long as each has unique ID. However they will not be able to work with each other. Any choices you make in first selector will not save when you click the Add to shopping cart button in the other selector.

There are two possible ways to achieve what you describe. Either you will need to develop two custom controls, one for listing and one for adding to shopping cart. And save values from first selector so that they can be read in the second selector. For example in session variable.

Alternatively, you can try to move the cart by CSS positioning, or by JavaScript. This is probably an easier solution in this case.

Regards, Josef Dvorak

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