Cannot save a widget after moving it's location

Graham Mott asked on February 5, 2021 17:24

Cannot save an mvc widget on version 12sp.

After moving the widget to a different zone, no actions can take place on the page until the site is completely refreshed: cannot save/reject, cannot go to content/properties, cannot go to a different page and cannot leave the pages section.

The page builder is still active but the widget that got moved leaves behind a remnant as if it is lagging.

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Laura Frese answered on February 6, 2021 21:19

Are there any javascript errors in the console when you load the page that might be preventing it from saving properly? Is there some script in a different widget that is throwing an error and preventing the pagebuilder scripts from running properly?

Did you try doing it in a separate browser to see if its a cache issue?

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David te Kloese answered on February 8, 2021 13:08

Check Laura's suggestion for JS errors first (usually the issue)!

Is this on a new page or on an already published one?

It could be that your code can't find the correct page for displaying the current state. Could be looking for the published version while that is not published yet. Make sure when in edit mode you retrieve the latest version that doesn't need to be published per se.

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