Cannot get 301 redirects in Kentico CMS 7 to work correctly

McDougall Interactive asked on June 2, 2014 15:26

I am adding page aliases to pages I want to redirect but it's still not working. Any suggestions on settings I am missing? I am following this guide:

Thank you for any help

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 2, 2014 22:59

First, what's not working? No redirect? No 301 redirect?

Second, in Site Manager>Settings>URL & SEO>SEO, make sure you have "Allow permanent (301) redirection" selected. Also ensure you have "Redirect document aliases to main URL" selected.

Third, pay attention to where you're placing the URL alias or redirect. If you've selected the 2 checkboxes above the the following should work fine. Say you have a page /About. On your old site the URL was /AboutUs/Default.aspx. You want to navigate to the page you want your viewers to end up on (in this case /About) and add an alias. Your path would be /AboutUs/Default and your extension would be .aspx. So now when the viewer uses their bookmarked favorite and navigate to /AboutUs/Default.aspx, it will 301 redirect them to /About.

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McDougall Interactive answered on June 5, 2014 17:21

Thanks Brenden.

There's no redirect happening.

Also, I'm looking at a lot of the pages and there's multiple page aliases redirecting to different pages in the page properties. Should I go through and delete all these duplicate page aliases in the page properties?

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 6, 2014 06:20

If there is no redirect happening, have you verified those settings at the global level and site level? Also, are you logged out of Kentico when trying the redirects? They typically don't happen if you are logged in. If you have multiple aliases and the parent is no longer available, you should receive a page not found error so although they don't look good, they should be ok. On a personal note, I lean towards the side of removing them if I know they are no good though, makes for a cleaner experience.

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