Can you make a custom path selector for use in a widget?

Carlos Ramirez asked on April 5, 2023 21:46

A client is complaining about the path selector because it doesn't fully display the name of the pages or have a search bar. From what I can see, there is no way of modifying it, but is there a way of creating a version of the path selector that does have these things? Ideally, it would work as the media file selector does, which does have a search bar. I can't find a straight answer in the docs as to whether I can actually implement a custom form component that can then be used in the widget properties form in the back-office. Or if there is another way of doing this that wouldn't involve creating a custom control.

This is in Kentico 12 to be clear, and it's an MVC project, though the back-office is Web Forms as far as I can tell (I am new to Kentico).

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Ömer Karagülmez answered on April 10, 2023 14:23

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Carlos Ramirez answered on April 10, 2023 18:27

Thanks. But I can't modify the path selector can't I? I basically want to add a search bar to it, and have some way to show the full title of each page.

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