Can the query used to edit data in custom tables through Kentico be changed

Andrey Lurye asked on March 11, 2015 15:43

I am trying to filter what users can see what items in the "Custom Table Data" section In my custom table I added a "selectall" query, and modified the where filter to remove unwanted results. This seemed to have no effect

Is there any query that can be modified to alter the results on that screen?

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Virgil Carroll answered on March 11, 2015 17:54

Are you trying to use this on the default Custom Table Data screen in the admin UI? OR trying to use a data control of some on a page?

If it's the first, adding a selectall query won't anything. In that case you would have to do some magic behind the scenes to that admin control, but I would really not recommend that. Instead iould hide that from their interface and put a data control in the pages structure or used your own admin module.

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Joel Dahlin answered on March 12, 2015 20:49

You may want to look at using an alternative form.

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 14, 2015 17:04

You could use the module app and create a new view list page for the users to view. I'd start by creating my own custom module and in this section you can create your listing page and simply set the where clause to what you'd like.

All this can be done within the UI and only needing to define an XML file for the grid (which are all provided in the documentation). It won't override the base table list/query but you can set permissions on the custom tables module as a whole or the individual tables so they can access/edit or not. All out of the box, supported development in Kentico.

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