Can't instal "web part restriction according to roles" module

Mateusz Żebrowski asked on February 2, 2015 08:53

I'm developing site under CMS Kentico v7. I need to add web part permission module. I'm instaling it according to this article. There are two problems:

  1. After adding two lines to code (step 2 and 3 in article above) Visual Studio underlining WebPartPermissionMethods and prints "The name WebPartPermissionMethods does not exist in current context". Shouldn't I add another using at the begining of code?
  2. In step 4 trget url should be set to "~/CMSModules/WebPartPermission/Default.aspx". But such a file dosen't exist.

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Jan Hermann answered on February 2, 2015 13:12


please re-import that package again and make sure you have checked the "Import files" property as it is described in that article.

Best regards,
Jan Hermann

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