Can I display a message or related documents before being redirected to Access Denied page?

Terrence Foulk asked on August 31, 2015 21:01

We have some products that are available to non-paid role members and are visible when all users are signed out.

If a paid role member is signed out and opens a product that is for non-paid role members only they get an Access Denied page.

Is there a way to display a message or Related Documents to the paid role member before being redirected to the Access Denied page? Maybe a webpart similar to 'Group security message', but not specific to membership?

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 31, 2015 23:14

Set your permissions on a different level then. Right now it sounds like you have permissions set on the page level. Change that and set it on the webpart or the zone level. The page can be displayed for all users (authenticated or not) just change the visibility of the webpart to only show for authenticated users in "X" role and show the other webpart if they aren't authenticated.

It's simply a transfer of where the permissions lie.

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Terrence Foulk answered on September 2, 2015 18:22

Thanks Brenden but the permissions are page specific. If I set them at the webpart level I would have to create an adhoc template for each product, correct?

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