Building White Label Website ?

ANKIT MISTRY asked on December 9, 2014 13:38

Hello, Can any one advise what is white label website ? Someone advised me it has common database for 2 websites means the 2 website with all the same data only designs are different. Is it True ?

If so can anyone please advise me can we achieve this using Kentico ? As we have 2 websites and both are in kentico 6.0, both are separate website with different databases and different designs, but both the databases have same tables and same data (for eg, like Product Name, Price etc.), so we need to build a web site in kentico using which if we add any data in single common database and it will be use in 2 websites.

Inshort we need common database and 2 websites, the only difference between 2 websites are different URL and different designs and all the other things will remains same in both websites.

Is this possible using kentico ?

Please advise.

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 9, 2014 16:30

It is possible with Kentico and would involve quite a bit more work to migrate then I'm guessing anyone on this site would care to document out. There is some generic setup documentation here although it doesn't specify how to reuse the content across both sites. However there are several posts on the Q & A board as well as the forums you could look up. You could also look for a consultant (shameless plug here)

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ANKIT MISTRY answered on December 9, 2014 23:07

Thank You Brenden for your response. can you advise is it possible in Kentico 6.0 also ?

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 9, 2014 23:44

As far as I know multi site has been available since inception. How you share data between sites is just a little different and easier as the versions get newer.

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