building a carousel with variable number of slides

mun yung kan asked on November 27, 2015 09:07

I'm trying to build a carousel that has an image, a line of text and links to a page in the site.

the current way i've done is to set a fixed number of fields in the webparts (10 copies of text, image selectors and url selectors.

is there a better way to this? where i can store a collection of carousel objects with the field, and then allow the cms users to pick the ones they want.

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David te Kloese answered on November 27, 2015 09:52


you could create a custom form control to do this:

But what I'd use is a custom page type. In which you create the 3 fields. In your carousel (repeater) you let the editor pick a path or property or relation or... (whatever suits your need). This way you can also make sure the 'image slides' can be easily reused in an other place.



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Laura Frese answered on November 27, 2015 18:49

I agree with David. The custom page type is the best way to handle creating carousel items. I wrote a blog post on using carousels with kentico a while back that you might find helpful.

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mun yung kan answered on November 30, 2015 03:34

Thanks David!

thats how i would do it in other CMS' i have used before, just wasnt sure how to implement it in kentico.

thanks for the shove in the right direction!

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