Boostrap 3 - How can you implement into a masterpage?

Roberto Gonzalez Jr asked on December 11, 2014 23:03

I am currently setting up a new blank masterpage for a website and would like to use the latest bootstrap version 3.3. When I view the site as a live preview it shows up incorrectly because of the styles that are used by the administtation area. I also run into problem when using design preview mode. How can I compose the site using a different version of boostrap? Do we have to use the boostrap.js used in the administration area so that the site in design view does not break?

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 11, 2014 23:24

You won't want to use the design mode as your testing mode because of the reason you're mentioning. You could use a macro and hide/show the web parts based on the ViewMode but the downfall then is you won't have any styling or JS files applied when viewing in the design mode.

Best bet is to leave it the way it is and do your testing in Preview mode or have a different browser open where you aren't logged into the Admin interface to perform your testing.

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