Blog permissions - how can an administrator control blog ownership

Tom Troughton asked on June 3, 2015 14:10


I'm looking into Kentico blogs and trying to understand their security.

I see from the intranet demo site that certain users can be given permission to create blogs. Presumably the My Blogs module contains blogs the current user created. I presume also that this user by default will have permission to moderate comments.

What I'm trying to understand is three things:

  1. How can I change it so that a group of people is permitted to post to a specific blog? I've tried changing the ownership of a particular page to a community group but this doesn't seem to make a difference, only the original owner has the New blog post link.
  2. How can I set up so that only an admin role can create blogs, then assigns ownership to specific users?
  3. Is it possible to configure the system so that comments are moderated by a user who doesn't necessarily own the blog?


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