Bing Map V7 end-of-life date 6/30/2017

kyle shapiro asked on June 12, 2017 17:23

Hello DevNet, I have already asked this of Kentico support, but time is of the essence. As per Bing Maps AJAX Control Version 7 API is being discontinued on the 30th of this month. Do I need to develop a custom webpart for v8 bing map control and substitute it in for all v7 maps before the 30th? Are all kentico webpages that have a v7 bing map in them going to fail on the 30th? I've reached out to both Microsoft and Kentico on this, and will follow up here with answers as I find them. Please contribute any information you may have on this. Thank you.

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Prashant Verma answered on June 13, 2017 03:06

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for sharing,yes you have two options either edit and customise​ built in bing map v7 webpart with the latest version as listed in V8 all the features of v7 available in V8 so it save your time to remove and re add the webpart you just need to setup V8 properly or either create a custom webpart and configure it as a widget and replace it throughout your application.


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Brenden Kehren answered on June 13, 2017 13:30

Instead of developing a new control, could you use Google Maps instead?

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kyle shapiro answered on June 21, 2017 12:50

Hi all. Sorry Brenden, Google Maps are not an option for my company. It is as Prashant Verma said, either edit the existing map or create a new one. Unfortunately the instructions for doing so won't be available until "most probably at the beginning of the week" of the 30th. -Lukáš Gancarčík & they plan to have the hotfix for Kentico 10 ready on the day of end-of-life. the 30th. Best of luck to all of you.

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