Best Practice for link management in Kentico

Yang Wen asked on February 4, 2016 17:57

Our Kentico site is an internal portal that will display links to external systems. We would display these links in a dynamic fashion based on numerous variables, such as user's role, user's search input.

The design right now is to create an entire collection of "Page (menu item)" pages whose only purpose is to redirect user to a destination URL, specified under the Navigation tab. We would then serve up links to these pages on some landing page( in the aforementioned dynamic fashion). Leveraging the Document type's built-in role-based ACL, compatibility with repeater web parts, and search.

Is this the most efficient solution? Are there other Document Types more lightweight that can accommodate my use case, such as the Folder document type? Thanks

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Rui Wang answered on February 4, 2016 22:57

I think this is likely the most efficient solution as a page (menu item) has data store in CMS_Tree and CMS_Document table, and any other page types will involve a third table for that page type. And using custom table doesn't give you the permission module that's out of box for pages.

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