Banned IPs Module Problem

Cassandra Snyder asked on August 18, 2014 16:30

I've enabled banned IPs through the settings, I've setup permissions in my role for read and manage Banned IPs, I've added the Membership-Banned IPs class to be available for the site, I've added the Banned IPs module as available for the site, and I've added the Banned IPs module to my dashboard, but I cannot get access to the Banned IPs module. It's not showing up in my dashboard and I can't search for it or view it in the Applications menu. I logged into the Global Administrator to see if it was something with my account, but the module isn't available under the global admin either. We're on version 8.0.18. Any ideas?

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Martin Danko answered on October 4, 2014 14:42

Hello Cassandra,

Was your website upgraded from one of the previous versions? What edition of Kentico are you using?

Do you see the Banned IPs module listed in the Modules application?

Best regards, Martin

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