Azure Implementation of Kentico 9

Al LeMay asked on December 1, 2016 02:46

Recently, I stood up a Kentico 9 instance on Azure. The application appears to run fine, but the event log is being filled with Web Farm errors. Since this is a test application I am just using a Free license to mainly figure out the development process; like how to build and test custom web parts or custom modules. Is this just something that will happen until a license with Web Farm feature is added? Thanks.

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 1, 2016 04:49

If you're using one of the built in site templates they require ultimate or EMS licenses. What I recommend is setting up one of the personal site templates which don't require an Ultimate or EMS license. Then your errors should go away.

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Al LeMay answered on December 6, 2016 02:35

Interesting. Because I used Blank Site template which had nothing in it. I went into the Settings and the Web Farm option was set to Disabled.

Message: License for feature 'Webfarm' not found. Exception type: CMS.DataEngine.LicenseException ...

The web app can scale out, but it's set to a single instance for now (can scale out to 10 according to the plan). This error seems to be something that has to do with the Azure Marketplace Kentico implementation. I guess I could stand up an instance locally and then deploy it to Azure.

This issue will cause real errors to be hard to locate.

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