Automatically synchronize content by page type

Todd Nimirowski asked on November 19, 2021 20:39

I am trying to set up permissions for a specific role that would allow these admins to publish content from staging to prod. I am trying to avoid having these admins synchronize their content from the staging app; instead I would like them to publish their content in the pages app, then have a scheduled task run to handle the synchronization between environments. Is it possible to create a scheduled task based on a specific page type?

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Brian McKeiver answered on November 20, 2021 17:29

It is possible to do almost anything the API supports inside of a scheduled task. So yes, in theory you could do this. We have done this in the past for a few clients by adding a custom tab on the Pages app that has a small custom UI with a button that on click of that custom button the code generates staging tasks for that one specific page (and it's related content) that the admin is on, and then actually just calls the staging API with those tasks to synch the page from UAT to Prod (all in the pages app). You can really just skip the scheduled task in this method.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on November 22, 2021 14:53

I will just a link to an article on how such a scheduled task could look is focusing on staging objects, but the same idea applies on staging pages - you can create condition to check the page's class name.

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