Marla Krause asked on September 8, 2015 13:39

Just want to make sure you guys are aware of the technical updates being done by and make sure there aren't any issues with any of these changes that would require us to make some adjustments. Technical Updates



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Josef Dvorak answered on September 9, 2015 10:40

Hello Marla,

Certificate and protocol configuration is managed on hosting server, not by Kentico. Please contact your system administrator or hosting provider to ensure your server has correct certificate installed and TLS 1.0 is turned off in IIS.

There is no internal logic that would be impacted by the described changes to Transaction ID and We currently do not plan to use the new Solution ID feature. Our Authorize.NET documentation contains the new payment link.

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Marla Krause answered on September 9, 2015 21:32

Thanks for the info.

It was the Transaction ID part that had me wondering.


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