Attachments no longer displaying after upgrade (8 to 9)

Tim G. asked on November 10, 2017 15:52

I've recently completed a local upgrade of a Kentico 8 site to Kentico 9. After the upgrade no attachments are showing and instead give a page not found. The attachement URLs take the form of:


Is this a breaking change from version 8? Or is there a setting which gets updated which stops these from displaying?

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 10, 2017 16:05

What is the URL being rendered on the page? I've found a setting change in the upgrade which needs to be reverted back or updated in some cases.

Go to Settings>System>Output Filter and make sure the Exclude XHTML filter URLs is set to " / " globally and that the site inherits it. Not saying this will fix the issue but this is one thing we see consistently with the upgrade from 8 to 9 that helps. Be sure to clear cache and restart the website after you make this change.

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Tim G. answered on November 10, 2017 17:21

I've tried updating that setting but no luck. The URL would be something along the lines of:


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