Assign a contact status in lead scoring

Frank Daamen asked on December 7, 2015 13:52

Is it possible to assign a contact status automatically to a contact if he reach x points in the lead scoring module? It would be nice to have an overview in the lead scoring module with all the contacts including the contact status and points of the contact.

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Martin Hejtmanek answered on December 7, 2015 14:55

Hi Frank,

You can achieve this the following way:

1) Create marketing automation process 2) Add a new trigger to it "Contact scored X or more" 3) Add just one step to that process - "Set contact property" to set the status

After that, it should work as you wanted.

I don't understand the second question, the Contacts tab in Score properties displays both points and contact status ... can you be more specific?

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Frank Daamen answered on December 7, 2015 16:03

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick reply. Your answer perfectly fits my needs!

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